Case Studies

Navigating uncharted waters with HMBranch

Clarity powers efficiency. With a
broad range of geospatial
production systems, associated
projects and governance activities,
HMBranch needed everyone on
the same page. We reviewed their
software application suite, ICT
infrastructure and project portfolio
governance, bringing clarity and
providing well-received

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Re-engineering Combat Systems Engineering Services

Collaboration fuels innovation.
The Maritime Cross Platform
System Program Office
(MCPSPO) brought us in to
reduce siloed ways of working
and enhance cross-functional

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How strategic sourcing saved a cool $18M

Maritime Cross Platform Systems Program Office (MCPSPO) briefed
us to help streamline and optimise their model. We developed a
new contract model which delivered approximately $18m in savings.

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Charting a passage to the Seaworthiness Headmark

Building a foundation for Navy to
deliver effective capability. Fleet
Command needed support in
designing, developing and
implementing an integrated
framework of governance and

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Developing a dependable asset management framework, rain or shine

The Bureau of Meteorology
briefed us to design, develop
and implement an Asset
Management Framework
tailored to their needs, while
making sure it was ISO 55000

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Enabling DMSS Group to
Run a Tight Ship

The Defence Marine Support Services (DMSS) Group contracted us
to design and develop an integrated governance and management
system for the operational tasking, planning, coordination and
deployment of the DMSS Capability.

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Assuring Land Capability – Today and in the future

Evidence informing decisions.
With increasing complexity and
integration requirements in the
Land domain, the ADF required
a bespoke governance system,
tailored to the risk profile to
assure Land Capability.

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