The Director General Maritime Support Branch (DGMARSPT) of Maritime Systems Division (MSD) provides logistics services for Royal Australian Navy ships and establishments. The Maritime Cross-Platform Systems Program Office (MCPSPO) is the primary logistics services provider within MSD, and provides engineering and logistics in support of Maritime In-Service Capability. In recent years MCPSPO has transitioned from an inventory procurement organisation to a holistic asset management program office.


While the established MARSPT Strategy outlines the key initiatives shaping the Branch’s vision, several disparate programs, projects and initiatives within MARSPT Directorates had been planned and executed in isolation of an overarching Branch Strategy. There were too many initiatives running concurrently, each unable to receive sufficient attention and resources.

A review of the existing initiatives across MARSPT sought to identify alignment with the Strategy, and gain a richer overview of dependencies—enabling the Branch to make informed decisions on priorities and potential issues, including those to be deferred or put on-hold.

Our Engagement

To gain a clearer picture of MARSPT’s needs and operations, Coras’ analysis sought to find benefit alignment to the Branch Strategy of the initiatives (which were independently started before the creation of a new MARSPT Strategy and the release of Plan Galileo). We met with stakeholders across the Branch and soon collated a list of 22 active initiatives.

Each initiative was assessed in isolation to identify its level of alignment to the Branch Strategy. However, it soon became apparent that not all directorates had a clear relationship with the key initiatives. 

Our analysis identified the gaps and misalignment were found less in the initiatives, and instead appeared in the Branch Strategy and Branch Organisation,” said Carl Oberg, Principal Consultant at Coras Solutions.

We developed a range of solutions to address and align these disparate initiatives. Firstly, we advised DGMARSPT to add a new key initiative to the Branch Strategy to ‘Enable Operating Support Services’. This new initiative is consistent with the transition of the sustainment of Defence Maritime Support Services Program into CASG, enabling MARSPT to deliver operating support to the Navy at the waterfront.

Additionally, we recommended that DGMARSPT develop a Branch Functional Model. This approach would outline enduring functions and clarify the organisational structure, accountabilities, responsibilities, and resources across the Branch.

The Results

A report and presentation were delivered and, at the time of publication, DGMARPST is considering options for implementing the report’s recommendations.

Through our involvement, DGMARSPT gained a Strategy Campaign Plan that succinctly showed the time phasing and status of all initiatives. Each initiative was coded to display both the alignment to the Branch Strategy objectives and which SPO or Directorate is responsible.

Before our engagement, each director had limited visibility of where other directorates functionally belonged in the organisation. Coras’ recommendation of a Functional Model not only brought clarity to the enduring functions of the Branch, but positioned DGMARSPT to realise its vision.

DGMARSPT sought a clearer picture of dependencies and alignment across projects which were disconnected from an overarching Branch Strategy. Coras developed a Strategy Campaign Plan to highlight the time phasing and status of each initiative at a glance, and recommended a Branch Functional Model to bring clarity to responsibilities and resources.

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