Powered by our people.

We fuse expertise with humanity, rigour with creativity and innovation with curiosity. At the core of our business is the belief that a diversity of perspectives is the key to new thinking. That’s why our team brings together deep industry experience with some of the brightest young minds in Australia.

Our values are more than just words on an email signature. We’re driven by a shared ethos that inspires and governs everything we do.

We’re based all over Australia.

Below are some of our key players


Brett Rylance

General Manager NSW

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Carl Oberg

Business Director

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Kelly Alsop

General Manager ACT

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Michelle Todd

Business Director

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Neill Morgan

Business Director

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We’re Hiring

There’s a shared view of the world and approach
to problem-solving that runs through the DNA of
Coras people. If your values align with ours, we’d
love to meet you.

We currently have a broad range of available
career opportunities. If you want to explore what
a career with us could look like, get in touch at

          Listen deeper,
          search further.

          ‘Seek first to understand, then to be understood.’ Ideas come from
          everywhere when your ears, eyes and mind are open. Be rigorously
          curious. Explore alternative perspectives, challenge assumptions,
          listen profoundly to what is being said, and what is not.

          Implicit attributes: curiosity, resourcefulness, determination, growth
          mindset, reflective, humility, life learner

          Lean into the
          hard stuff.

          We’re serious about challenging the status quo. This means coming
          up against entrenched beliefs, imperfect data, established models
          and wary stakeholders. Feeling uncomfortable is a sign we’re
          making an impact and forming new neural pathways. We are
          comfortable with being uncomfortable.

          Implicit attributes: resilience, intellectual agility, forward thinking,
          drive, bravery, self-confidence

          Behave like a

          We’re all founders – of a team, a culture or a relationship.

          Founders don’t ask for permission or search for someone to
          delegate the task to. They spot the white space, commit, get their
          hands dirty and make it happen.

          Implicit attributes: accountability, proactivity, ability to contribute
          outside their specialism, emergent leadership

          Blow ordinary
          out of the water.

          Our ambitions are outrageously big. We’re leading the industry and
          our clients in thinking new. This means we never stop evolving,
          inventing, re-inventing and finding better ways to do things. It’s a
          never-ending quest for insight and improvement, and we’re
          committed for the long haul.

          Implicit attributes: accountability, vision, intrinsic motivation,
          creativity, optimism

          Protect our
          fearless tribe.

          We are a family of authentic, ethical, empathetic humans who care about
          each other’s well being and happiness. It doesn’t matter whether you’re
          an intern or the founding partner.

          This isn’t a shark tank. Or a political party. We are together, whatever.

          Implicit attributes: team player, selflessness, purpose-driven,
          empathy, EQ, generosity