Our business advisory services provide you the ability to understand your business position, and assist you in designing and implementing effective strategies, plans and improvements that lead to beneficial, seamless and effective change.


Strategic Business Advice

We understand that a well-considered, future conscious and risk-aware strategy is vital for a business to succeed amidst the intricacy and turbulence of the environment. A strategy sets the direction for all aspects of your business, enables priorities to be set and enables decision making in the present, that will result in your business being successful in the future. There is a need to have integration between strategic thinking, analysis, planning and management for any strategy to achieve its intended outcomes.

Our experienced consultants have supported our clients in developing successful business strategies and plans to transform their business, innovate, become more sustainable, improve effectiveness, diversify, and deliver other tangible benefits. We initiate our services by analysing how well your current strategy is working and what you want to achieve in the future within your risk profile.

Our strategic business advisory services can support you to undertake any element or all elements of strategic management, including:

  • establishing a vision, brand message, and core values as the blueprint for your strategic direction
  • understanding your risk appetite and assessing your enterprise risks
    analysing your external environment to understand the forces, opportunities and threats
  • analysing your business to understand your competitively important resources, capabilities and challenges
  • analysing the future using scenario planning techniques and develop contingency plans for alternative future outcomes
  • setting strategic themes / perspectives / goals
  • crafting a strategy with objectives at corporate, functional and/or operational areas of your business
  • implementing the strategy through business planning and governance
  • monitoring the achievement of strategic objectives through aligned performance measures
  • reviewing strategies and changing them as required to enhance performance outcomes in your external environments

Our business advisory team strive for our client’s business strategies to be contemporary so they can deliver the needs of today and those well into the future. Our focus is to support you in delivering a strategy that is agile and resilient. We deliver this through self-awareness, shared sense of purpose, strong networks and the adaptability to change quickly.

Business Improvement

Businesses must continually improve to ensure they remain effective and efficient in delivering products and services to customers. Leaders and managers of our businesses today are required to foster and deliver a business improvement culture that is innovative, challenges norms, is collaborative, and embraces technology. Business improvement needs to focus on the future, improve responsiveness and generate resilience so we can ensure the building blocks of competitive advantage and/or service delivery demands are in place. We understand that organisations are continually required to deliver more with less resources. As a result, we need to remove waste out of our business and use the era of digital transformation to ensure our systems and data provide us with the ability to streamline processes, generate value and provide the right information at the right time in order to make informed decisions.

Our business improvement services can help to identify the problems that merit managerial attention and where improvements can be made to attain quick wins and generate the most value. We have delivered our services to support companies with large reform initiatives, down to smaller process reviews and improvements. We can deliver improvement services to all functional areas of your business through the review of organisational structures, systems, tools, resources, skills and processes. Examples of business improvement reviews include:

  • organisation function and structure definition
  • governance and management system effectiveness
  • strategic cost reduction
  • value chain analysis
  • supply chain analysis
  • process efficiency and outputs
  • performance management systems
  • digital transformation / I4.0 adoption

We value technology as an enabler for business improvement, including the adoption of business intelligence systems, tools and analysing data to give insight. Our team are skilled in data analytics and applying a number of business improvement approaches including:

  • Lean Six Sigma
  • PDCA
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Visualisation Techniques

Organisational Change

Complimentary to our strategic business advice and business improvement services, Organisation Change involves the implementation of change within your business. While the outcomes of change are intended to be positive, if it is not planned and managed, change will always be a challenging proposition for companies. This is primarily as a result of people who innately dislike change. If benefits of change are not strategically planned, espoused by leaders, communicated well to stakeholders and effectively managed, the change will not be accepted and will ultimately fail.

We are skilled change agents who use a systems thinking perspective and have delivered significant beneficial change to organisations, including Defence. We support you in delivering change across your business where your people not only accept the change but are invested in its outcome and actively involved in its implementation. We focus our organisational change services on the support systems that motivate and enable sustainable change. Our services are tailored to each client and can include the delivery of:

  • enterprise change strategies
  • communication strategies, plans and registers
  • communication material
  • effective stakeholder identification and liaison
  • building change management champions and teams
  • learning and development (L&D)

Our consultants are practiced change management facilitators who have skills in; using design thinking techniques, conflict resolution, negotiation, and coaching. They are also experienced practitioners in the following change management models:

  • McKinsey 7S Framework
  • Kotter 8-Step Process for Leading Change
  • ExperienceChange